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Jewelry - King Tut
Jewelry Egyptian Earrings Silver Earrings Silver
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Queen Nefertiti's Pendant Silver



SKU: E11
Egyptian Arabic Earrings - Bedouin Earrings Silver


Lotus Flower Ring Silver Sterling Silver
SKU: R7654
Silver Lotus Flower Ring

The Egyptian Sterling Lotus Flower Silver  

SKU: E44
Tear-drop Earrings

About our Egyptian silver earrings

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Arabic Name Necklace

The Arabic Name pendant will be approx. 1 3/4" long.


SKU: P24
Egyptian Cat Pendant

The Egyptian Cat Bastet
She was patroness of sunshine and warmth.

Silver Rings Pendant Silver
SKU: SS921
Silver Cartouche Pendant
Egyptian Silver Cartouche Pendant


Silver King Tut Pendant
Silver King Tut Pendant

The Egyptian Silver King Tut Pendant

Egyptian Silver Wide Silver Jewelry
Wide Silver Cartouche Pendant

Egyptian Handmade Wide Silver Cartouche