Personalized Handmade Egyptian Bracelets Silver 9.25 Silver 7


Cartouche Bracelets made in Egypt in Silver & Gold Personalized

Cartouche Bracelets Egyptian Silver Personalized Handmade 9.25 Silver 7

Egyptian Personalized Bracelets Silver & 9.25 Silver Bracelets Personalized

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Egyptian Personalized Cartouche Bracelets Silver &9.25 Silver

Our Egyptian Personalized Cartouche Bracelets Silver 9.25 Silver is handmade in Egypt with your name in hieroglyphics. When ordering your cartouche, please type the name that you would like in the section next to your "Add to Cart" button.

This Cartouche bracelet comes in one size that can fit up to 7 letters.

Egyptian Personalized Cartouche Silver 9.25 Silver

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Special: $155.00

Name to be on the cartouche:

Personalized Egyptian bracelets Cartouche Handmade 9.25 Skilver 7
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