Ankh Key of Life Pendants in Silver and Gold
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18K Gold Ankh Pendant - Egyptian Gold Ankh
SKU: GP318
18K Gold Ankh Pendant - Egyptian Gold Ankh

Gold Ankh Pendant - Egyptian Gold Ankh

As a symbol the Ankh points to divine eternal existence and is often referred to as the Key of Life.

Gold Ankh Pendant
SKU: GP311
18K Ankh Pendant

The Egyptian 18K Ankh Pendant - The Ankh was an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life and immortality. The word ankh also means "mirror" in the ancient Egyptian language, as in a mirror to the soul. At the top of the ankh shown, there wings of upper Egypt and a solar disk w/cobras. 2 Cobras, representing the goddess of Lower Egypt, are across the bar. At the bottom, King Ankhnaton..


SKU: GP318
Silver Ankh Pendant Key of Life Your Ankh's size will be approximately 1 1/2" X 1/2